It was a cool California evening.... err.. okay, maybe not, but some time in 1979 I was in fact, born.  I grew up in San Clemente, which lingers on the southern tip of Orange County, CA, and is somewhere inbetween Los Angeles and San Diego, but not a whole lot like either (thankfully).  There, I attended Our Lady of Fatima's Parish & Catholic School until, in the 7th grade, I moved north a state.

  There, snuggled against the majestic Silver Falls State Park, I resided for eight years.  First attending "Silverton Christian School" for two years, and then Regis High School in Stayton, Oregon.  At the end of my 4 year obligatory stay there, they curiously let me graduate, as well as recognizing me as the top graduating student in Computer Sciences and Foreign Languages.  We'll forgive them, as it was a small school.

  For the next two years I attented the local community college as well as taking a Latin language class at the nearby Benedictine Abbey.

  From 1999 to 2002, I was back living in Southern California, working for APR Data Systems. In 2002, I moved back to Oregon to my very own little house, though I still work for the aforementioned APR Data Systems.